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• What paper do You offer?

We recommend and keep in stock:

90 - 115g Arctic Matt Arctic Matt is a matt, coated paper with a soft, white surface with a natural feel. The paper has good opacity and rigidity, high bulk and excellent printing and finishing properties. The matt surface provides a readerfriendly, reflection-free surface.

90 - 115g Arctic Silk Arctic Silk is a white, fully coated paper with a silky, smooth surface that provides excellent reproduction of pictures and text. The paper is characterised by high bulk, opacity and rigidity, with excellent printing properties on press. The surface is reader friendly and adds good lift to image areas with intense colours and high print gloss.

• Do You offer Maps on synthetic materials?

Yes, we recommend three options for this:

EnDuro Effect W1 100g/m2 Tear-resistant & water-resistant.It is comprised of a paper/film/paper laminate that combines the advantages of paper (good printing properties) with the advantages of film (tear-resistance, dimensional stability). The films used are polypropylene and polyester.

Polyart 75g/m2 and 90g/m2 A high-density polyethylene film with a matte clay coating on both sides. It is very durable, almost completely tear-proof, resistant to most oils and chemicals, and very water-resistant. Polyart can be printed by the conventional litho process.

Tyvek 55 g/m2 Tear-resistant, floating & water-resistant , DuPont™ Tyvek® can resist repeated folding and flexing without tearing. Can be written on with pencil or pen, wipes clean, if soiled. Highly printable, holds topographic details.Strong and durable under most conditions. Tear- and moisture-resistant, impervious to sea spray, rain, salt and bait.

• Do You offer Laminated maps?

Our ability to offer both laminated or encapsulated maps provides further options when it comes to deciding upon the best finish for your product. Maps can be laminated with matt or gloss film.

• Do You offer Map Covers?

We are able to offer a wide range separate map covers in cardboard, plastic or with card covers attached.

• How Do I send You files?

Ideally, we would like your files in a PDF format.There are many different ways for you to supply files to us. We recommend using our FTP server, please ask prepress for login name and password. Files can be sendt via e-mail or WeTransfer

• Do You deliver maps?

We deliver maps worldwide, and our Quote always is incl. delivery, to Your address. If a second or multiple deliveries are required, then please request this in your quote request.

• Do You offer Maps on synthetic materials?

SuperYupo FEBG 95 (95 µm, 73,2 g/m²)
YUPO maps can be used anytime, anywhere! Maps on YUPO are resistant to tearing no matter how many times you use them, and you can write on them like a paper map.
YUPO Maps can be used safely in any situation such as rain, snow, or strong wind. No matter how many times you use it, a YUPO map will not easily tear at the fold.

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