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Paper Maps

Paper maps give you better spatial awareness. Over-reliance on GPS has eroded away our spatial awareness. You become more focused on your phone, and less on your overall surroundings. We provide maps on wide range of papers.
Paper maps with or without cover
Credit card size maps with cardboard cover

Laminated Maps


Lamination is when We applie a thin plastic finish to either one or both sides of the map at the time of printing . Not as durable as Polyart or Tyvek but still giving a better quality finish. We provide gloss or matt lamination film.

Laminated maps are:



Maps on ENDURO are:
We provide maps on:

Stonepaper Maps

Stonepaper maps are:

Polyart Maps


Maps on Polyart synthetic paper looks, feels, and converts like a premium matt-coated paper but stands up to water, weather, grease and chemicals and is also highly tear-resistant . Polyart's state-of-the-art synthetic papers comprise a complete range of films designed to withstand the most demanding applications.
We provide maps on 75g/m² and 90g/m² Polyart

Maps on Polyart are:

Tyvek Maps


Every Tyvek map starts with a high-density polyethylene fiber that incorporates a unique flash-spinning process resulting in a nonwoven fiber material that is rendered in long, thin sheets of opaque material that, believe it or not, combines the best qualities of paper, fabric, and film.
Tyvek is Resistant to mechanical and chemical stress. Initially used in construction but then found application in a variety of industries. It is eco-friendly, vegan-friendly and recyclable as well. It feels like paper to the touch, but is almost impossible to tear and is waterproof.
We provide maps on 55 g/m² Tyvek

Maps on Tyvek™ are:

  • Lighter
  • Stronger
  • Tear resistant
  • Waterproof

  • YUPO Maps


    YUPO maps can be used anytime, anywhere.
    Maps on YUPO are resistant to tearing no matter how many times you use them, and you can write on them like a paper map. YUPO Maps can be used safely in any situation such as rain, snow, or strong wind.No matter how many times you use it, a YUPO map will not easily tear at the fold.
    We provide maps on SuperYupo FEBG 95 (95µm, 73,2 g/m²)

    Maps on YUPO are:

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